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The Secret to Charging Premium Prices 
(Even If You Don't Feel Worthy)
You work hard and do great work. You’re driven to succeed. And your clients regularly tell you how happy they are with your services.
And yet, if you’re being honest, you’re working harder than you’d like while also earning less than you’d like. You’re not making it to the gym as often as you should. You’re working weekends. And despite all your efforts and success, you still haven't created the financial cushion you know you should.

The problem is that to get to that next level of financial success, there are only three basic ways to get there:

     • You sign more clients
     • You generate more passive income
     • You raise your prices

There’s nothing wrong with any of these methods for growing your revenue, of course, but given how busy you are already? Squeezing in another client comes at a real cost. And you don’t have the time or energy to generate the products or online launches that tend to be anything but passive.

The only option left is to raise your prices, but that feels risky and scary. You don’t even really consider it.

So you yo-yo between exhausted and anxious, working harder for only incremental improvements in your bottom line, and it’s about to drive you crazy.   
Hi, I'm Jen Gresham. I'm a coach for high achievers who are seeking phenomenal and meaningful professional success. These days I work with corporate and government executives, high profile academics, and up-and-coming thought leaders ... and I get paid well for it. But just a few years ago, things were not so rosy in my business.

It felt like no matter how hard I worked, no matter how many people I enrolled in my online courses and group coaching programs, I was still paying myself pitiful wages and seeing only incremental jumps in revenue. I had been prepared to reinvest all my profits in the business in the beginning, but I was sick of it.

I'll never forget the shock I felt when some successful entrepreneurs at a conference I was attending told me the reason I was struggling in my business was because my prices were too low.
But if I couldn’t make a good living at low prices, how in the world would I get enough business at higher prices?

The whole idea seemed crazy.

What if the business I’d already worked so hard to create dried up? What if people thought I was greedy asking for more? What if I couldn’t live up to the expectations that come with higher prices?

Who did I think I was anyway?

My fears might have kept me stuck, but I decided to spend the next 18 months learning how to rationally answer those nagging voices in my head and master my money mindset.

The results were beyond my wildest expectation. I experienced truly exponential growth in my business. I went from mid-five figures to billing over $174K in the first half of 2016 alone.

Of course, the internet is full of “how I got rich” stories, coupled with secret constantly-working-not-exactly-happy-after-the-high realities.

The best part was creating not just money, but time, for myself. Most days, I stop working when my daughter gets home from school. I help her with her homework, and enjoy a relaxed family meal before putting her to bed. I work out three days a week and schedule about 6-8 weeks of travel and vacation a year. I still work hard, mind you, but the anxiety and feelings of frenzy are gone.

Moreover, these were clients I felt inspired by and fortunate to serve. It turned out the more they paid me, the more invested they were in the outcome. My clients experienced exponential results right along with me.

By law, I have to tell you that my results are atypical and I can’t promise that anything I’ve learned will lead to future earnings for you. I don’t know you, your skills, or your business. 

What I can say is that, since I’m a coach, I’ve had the opportunity to test my mindset strategies with a variety of 1:1 clients and fellow entrepreneurs, all at very different places in their business. Some were just starting out, some were stuck selling their time at low prices, and some were running multi-6 figure empires. In every case, they discovered dramatic success was possible far more quickly than they thought possible.

Erik was a fitness and nutrition coach who was following the model in his industry of a low, hourly price for his services. As I helped him understand the bigger value his services provided, how he described the work he did with clients also changed. Within 2 months, he went from signing clients at $3500 a year to closing three new clients at roughly $14,000 a year.

Emily, a successful freelance editor, thought she was at the top of the pay scale for her kind of work, but was on the verge of burnout. We raised her daily rate by 20% and created a pipeline of interested clients who were happy to hire her at her new prices.  As a result, she switched to a 4-day work week so she could enjoy more time for herself and her family.

After years of doing online marketing for nonprofit organizations, Helen was struggling to pay her bills. Within a few weeks, I helped her negotiate a 2-month, part-time $25,000 government contract at more than double her normal rate. This helped her see the value of her work and gave her the permission to pursue additional high-paying clients.

Carl was a successful podcaster and coach who was already earning over $150K per year. But between business expenses, taxes, and a high cost of living, he never had any money left over for savings. With a simple tweak in his pricing and sales process, he was able to earn an extra $7K in just one week. Based on those results, he committed to making even bolder proposals that would allow him to finally create a financial cushion for himself.

Alp was eager to start a business as a marketing consultant, but was scared his lack of experience would make getting clients difficult. I challenged him to start pitching projects completely unrelated to his current business model, so he didn’t put so much pressure on himself. He was amazed to create $5000 in a single day, primarily relying on skills he learned as hobbies. Within two weeks of this exercise, a company asked to put him on a $100,000 retainer for his services.

On the surface, you might think what I did was to help these clients earn more money. And they did do that, in a way that will pay them increased dividends for years to come.

But the bigger transformation was happening inside their head. What really changed was their perception of themselves, the true value their services provided, and the confidence to charge appropriately for it.

The Money Mindset Immersion is a powerful four-month program starting in February 2017 that will change the way you define what is possible in your business. The program will be highly-specialized and custom-tailored for you, alongside a small group of talented and successful freelancers. During these four months you’ll learn how to conquer your fears about asking for more, quiet any lingering doubts about your ability to deliver exceptional service, and open doors to higher levels of achievement in your business. You’ll build your natural confidence so you can take action toward building the life and business you want. You’ll do this by mastering four disciplines:

You will define what success means to you, not just financially, but also the lifestyle you want your business to enable. You’ll also identify (or create) your highest value services so you can reach your target revenue with fewer and better clients.
You will overcome the fears, doubts, limiting beliefs or insecurities that are holding you back. You’ll understand what your zone of genius is and how to use it to make your business feel almost effortless. You’ll also learn how to best communicate the value your services provide, so both you and your customers are convinced the prices you’re pitching are worth it.
Client Creation
You’ll learn how to deeply listen and draw out what your clients need and how you can best serve them, resulting in sales conversions of 30% or higher. You’ll set a capacity for your business, so you not only avoid feeling constantly overwhelmed, but have a waiting list of people wanting your services.
You will optimize your environment. You’ll let go of average clients so you can make room for extraordinary ones. You’ll learn how to confidently and without guilt increase your rates (and in the process, increase your clients’ results). Your business will begin to grow primarily through word of mouth rather than constant prospecting.
We’ll have 90-minute calls for three weeks out of each month. I will work with you both individually and as a group during these calls to help you refine and adequately price your offers.
Every week you’ll prepare a report for the group on how you implemented the principles of the course, outcomes that resulted from your actions, and lessons learned. Taking time to synthesize your insights, and those of others, as you are making them will be invaluable to your mindset shift.
A safe place where we will regularly share successes, challenges, questions and assignments.
A practical and fun way of implementing and refining the mindset strategies and techniques you’re learning. Here’s your chance to earn an incredible return on investment from what you’re learning, with a group to share and help you on your journey to a better business.

At the conclusion of the program, you’ll have a 60 min, 1:1 coaching call with me to capture your biggest insights and create a system to employ them, over and over again, for a more sustainable and financially rewarding business model.
At the end of our 4 months together, you will know how to:
Develop specific financial targets for your business, so you aren’t surprised or disappointed by your earnings or income at the end of the year 

Uncover what your customers really want (and will pay high prices for)

Identify (or create) your highest value services so you can reach your target revenue with fewer and better clients

Identify and overcome your limiting beliefs around charging what your services are worth

Use my 1:1 sales techniques that result in conversions of 30% or higher, even as your prices are going up

Confidently increase your rates, without guilt, even with existing clients

Create a referral-based business that means you spend more time serving, less time prospecting

Create options for clients who say “I can’t afford it,” without underselling yourself or losing valuable business

I know “how to make money” programs abound on the internet, all of which sound too good to be true. There are way too many nutty/unethical “get rich quick” schemes out there. This is certainly not one of them. 

Which is why I don't take just anyone. This is not a program for beginners. I want to make absolutely sure you’re well positioned to make the most of this coaching program and apply the ideas right away. You’re a good fit for this immersion program if:

You are a freelancer, consultant or coach or have a significant service-based aspect to your business — this mastermind is not designed for online product launches or traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

You have been running your business for at least 1 year or have at least 5 paying customers.

You have a solid history of delighting your clients with your services.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to explain the program in more detail and explore how this program can help you.

Here’s why you should take immediate action: I only have room for 6 people and I already have a waiting list of people who weren’t able to participate in my last program. For those who do get a spot before the end of the year, I’ll also include a bonus 1:1 coaching session before the program starts in February.  

Click the button below to submit an application. If I think you might be a good fit, I'll contact you via email to set up a discovery call soon.

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